Many Families don’t realize that what they eat and how they live affects how they feel.

At Functional Family Nutrition & Wellness, LLC, my Family Wellness Coaching Packages give you the tools to improve your family’s health.

As A Family Wellness Coach, I understand you want your family to eat healthy and feel great…

My daughter returned from living in Central America very ill, she had contracted some kind of gut bacterial infection and had food poisoning while there.  Amy has guided us through the healing process, which is taking more than a year.  She is incredibly patient and listens well, then did the research needed for our particular situation.  She is available for our many questions as we adjust to each phase of treatment. We appreciate her work and would highly recommend anyone in need of help to this kind, knowledgeable practitioner.


The winter detox was fabulous! I feel amazing. After the first three days of feeling “fluish” and bloated, I began to have more clarity & energy, sleep better, and feel less bloated. I didn’t crave the junk food I used to eat, but a big part of that was having the acceptable food items ready to eat. Amy was quick to answer my questions and guided us through the detox with encouragement, compassion, and wisdom. The menu plan and recipes were super helpful. My favorite recipes were the kale chips and chia yogurt. Reintroducing foods slowly allowed me to listen to my body and identify problem foods. I highly recommend this detox to anyone…I know it will be a priority for me every year. Thank you Amy!


Learn the tools you need to raise a healthy family in a not so healthy world…

Welcome!! My name is Amy and I am a Functional Nutritionist, Holistic Health Professional, Master Herbalist, Certified Health Coach and Farmer.  I am also a wife and the mom of 18 children, by birth and adoption.

I believe that what we eat, the personal care and cleaning products we use, how we interact with technology, the quality of our sleep, how much we move our bodies and how much time we spend outdoors are just some of the things that determine how we feel and function on a daily basis.  I work with individuals and families to help them bring health and wellness back into their lives through my coaching and online health classes.


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