We are not out of the woods yet, my friends.

I actually believe that no matter what happens over the next several months and years, we will forever need to prioritize the health of our immune systems. So, I thought I’d jump in with this quick reminder of the best supplements to support strong immunity.

🌱 Vitamin D (check your levels or take about 4000 IU/d)
🌱 Vitamin C (your body uses this up and needs to replenish every day)
🌱 N-acetylcysteine (this is a building block of glutathione—one of the most important antioxidants in your immune system)
🌱 Glutathione (if you take this directly, the best form is liposomal)
🌱 Immune Supporting Herbs

I also think its super important to take organic, non-synthetic vitamins so your body gets the most benefits.  That’s why I am a huge supporter of Mother Earth Labs….

They actually just came out with a new Immune Support Formula..:)

The other thing your immune system needs is lots of fresh fruits and vegetables for their antioxidants and phytonutrients. Load up on those as well as water, fresh air, and exercise.

The healthier you keep your immune system and body, the more resilient you will be in the face of any germs you encounter…:)

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