February may be Heart Health Awareness Month, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore the gut!

Listen to this.

A study that was just released last month found that dietary patterns influence the gut microbiome, which then influences markers of chronic diseases—including heart disease!

We have to look at the details to know how this applies to everyday life, so let’s do that. Here’s what the study found:

➔ Diets rich in healthy, plant-based foods encouraged the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut
➔ A microbiome rich in Prevotella copri and Blastocystis was associated with better blood sugar levels after meals
➔ Other species were linked to lower levels of blood fats and markers of inflammation after meals
➔ The microbiome had a stronger link to disease markers related to metabolism and heart health than other factors (like genetics)

Remember this: every time you eat, you’re not just sustaining your energy. You’re feeding the trillions of bacteria that live synergistically with you in your gut.

And that, my friend, could have effects that extend to things like blood sugar, inflammation, and a healthy heart.

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