** While I do use and recommend the products below, in full disclosure I also receive compensation from many of these companies as well.**

Minimalist Footwear

These are my favorite barefoot shoes and the brand I wear most often.  They have great shoes for the whole family!

Glandular Supplement Company

Taking glandular supplements can greatly support the organs and tissues.  This company has excellent products.

Non-Toxic Laundry Soap

We love this non-toxic laundry soap because it works great!  I also use their room freshener, dryer angels and washing machine cleaner.

My Go-to Vitamin Company

I use their Core + PH Balancer liquid multivitamin as well as their Veggie Fusion Protein Shakes.

Full Spectrum Pre and Probiotic

This is the Probiotic I use and recommend. Its actually a prebiotic and probiotic in one capsule so it benefits both the small and large intestine which helps with gut and immune health.

Lots of Great Home Products (Beauty too)

Grove Collaborative is where I buy my beeswax cloths to use in place of plastics, charcoal bandages, bamboo toilet paper and napkins, glass spray bottles, and non toxic sunscreen (Babo Botanicals) and lunch containers.

Our Family's Toothpaste

This not only cleans teeth but helps repair damage.  its amazing!!