Feeling lonely is a part of being human, and the pandemic has only made loneliness more common and more challenging. But there are actions you can take to feel better. Try incorporating some of these ideas into your routine to feel more connected to others—even when you’re alone:

😊Schedule a regular time (every day or every week) for a phone call with a family member or friend. This will give you something to look forward to and a sense of routine.  Community is very important!!

😊Put down the phone and pick up a book. Social media can worsen feelings of loneliness and missing out. Rather than scroll social media feeds on your phone, try picking up a book. Reading can invigorate your imagination and give you more of a sense of well-being.

😊Do something creative. Whether you like to draw, paint or journal, engaging in a creative activity can keep you feeling happy and inspired.

While some feelings of loneliness are normal and expected, don’t let it go too far. If you’re struggling with low mood that is affecting your sleep, work, or relationships, you may need additional support.

Functional Nutrition can help support a healthy mood in a variety of ways. To learn more, check out my family wellness options. I am here to help!

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