Better Choices for Healthy Living

** While I do use and recommend the products below, in full disclosure I also receive compensation from many of these companies as well.**

These are my favorite barefoot shoes and the brand I wear most often.  They have great shoes for the whole family!

I do most of my grocery shopping each month through Azure Standard which is a natural foods coop.  You place an order once a month and the food is delivered to your area.  Prices are much less than buying at retail organic food stores and they have items hard to find in other stores.

Codeage is another excellent supplement company.  They carry collagen, glandulars, an awesome gut health formula and other superfoods.  

Mother Earth Labs carries excellent liquid vitamin and mineral combinations with humic and fulvic acid.  I use the Core + PH Balancer daily.

Taking glandular and organ supplements can help support your body systems.  This company has excellent glandular products.

This is the Probiotic I use and recommend.  Its actually a Prebiotic and Probiotic in one specially designed capsule so it benefits both the small and large intestine which helps improve gut and immune health and more…

My family loves this company’s tooth products.  We use these to help heal and prevent cavities as well as strengthen and whiten teeth.

We love this non-toxic laundry soap because it works great! I also use their dryer angels, room fresheners and Oxy boost.  

Grove Collaborative is where I buy my beeswax cloths to use in place of plastics, charcoal bandages, bamboo toilet paper and napkins, glass spray bottles, and non toxic sunscreen (Babo Botanicals) and lunch containers.

This is the meal planning app I use -its excellent!  If you would like meal plans done for you, stay tuned.  I will be offering professional meal planning soon!!