Why do some people get really sick with COVID, while others show no signs at all? It’s a question that has been baffling doctors and scientists from the start.

We found out relatively early that people with chronic health conditions (like diabetes or heart disease) are at a greater risk of serious illness and hospitalization. Then we learned that obesity (and even overweight) increases the risk.

Now we are seeing more and more evidence that there is another determining factor…

👉Gut Health 👈

Two new studies just came out to support this. Here’s what they say:

  • The composition of the gut microbiome influences the immune response and the severity of COVID infection (published in mBio)
  • Leaky gut may contribute to more severe disease and COVID (published in BMJ)

Here’s why this might be happening.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus binds to receptors on cells called ACE2. These receptors are present on the surface cells of the digestive tract as well as on internal organs. They may be the way that leaky gut allows the virus to reach a variety of internal organs and cause harm.

Because we’ve seen that the virus can damage organs that range from the kidneys to the heart to the liver to the brain. 

Here’s the message I think we need to take away from this…

Your gut health matters.

Whether or not you have ANY other health issues or conditions, you should be taking care of your gut. You do that by eating a healthy diet that is rich in vegetables and fiber. You do that by exercising. You do that by reducing stress. There are just so many ways.

And if your gut health is at all compromised, my family wellness coaching and detox programs offer an extensive toolkit to help.

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