In my practice, one of the first food items I ask my clients to eliminate is modern wheat.  Because of hybridization and the spraying of Glyphosate and other chemicals, modern American wheat is a toxic food.  However, it can be hard to find sandwich bread, cookies and hot dog and hamburger buns that don’t contain both modern wheat and white processed sugar (another not great food choice).

In my house, I have been making my family’s bread and other bakery items for over 20 years. When I told my husband about the issue of finding good bread, his response was that our family needed to start a bakery to help people find good bread and other everyday items.

So, in that regard, my family’s farm started a cottage food industry called “Autumn Creek Bakery”.  We are excited for this new venture and hope to convert the cottage food license to a full scale commercial kitchen within a year so that we can serve more people.

At this time, we offer 4 kinds of sandwich bread.  They are:

Kamut Sandwich Bread  (We purchase Kamut organically grown in Montana.  It is an ancient grain with a light color and sweet, nutty flavor.  To learn more about the lovely qualities of the Kamut grain please visit Montana Kamut.)

Emmer Sandwich Bread  (We purchase Organic Emmer Grains from Azure Standard.  According to Jovial Foods, Emmer is the second oldest grain and is extremely high in nutrients.  It rises wonderfully for a soft, sandwich bread my kids love!)

Molasses Rye Sandwich Bread  (This hearty bread is made with Organically grown Rye Berries and Blackstrap Molasses which is rich in iron, vitamins and minerals.  This is a hearty bread that is excellent for meat sandwiches.)

Cinnamon Spelt Bread  (Spelt is also an ancient grain which is more easily digestible. We add coconut sugar and cinnamon for the perfect swirled breakfast type loaf.)

In addition to the grains above, we use white, unbleached Unifine processed Spelt Flour as well as a small amount of unbleached, unbromated bread flour imported from Italy. We also use raw honey and organic molasses, organic palm oil, Himalayan pink salt, organic potatoes, cultured buttermilk and pastured eggs so our sandwich breads are loaded with healthy ingredients.  Our customers have found that eating our sandwich bread has helped them lower inflammation and has improved their gut issues.  Their kids also love the taste!

We also offer 4 different kids of cookies – all made with the ancient Einkorn grain.  Einkorn is a lovely, golden, nutritious grain that is high in the anti-oxidant lutein.  In addition, all of our cookies are made with coconut sugar which is a low glycemic sweetener that is loaded with rich flavor. We also use organic butter and palm shortening for a soft, chewy cookie.  At this time, we make Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Molasses Ginger and Peanut Butter Cookies.  Cookies are sold by the dozen.  We will offer two varieties for delivery each week.

Finally, we offer Hamburger and Hot dog Buns, sold in packages of 8.  Our buns are made with Imported Italian bread flour and white spelt flour as well as our other healthy ingredients.

If you are interested in purchasing our breads, cookies or buns, please fill out the contact information below.